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Wetting whistle,reducing blood pressure and improving eyesight ... Tangerine Peel has unexpected effects when being used in this way!

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Tangerine Peel has been a favorite health food all the time. There is a saying that "one liang (a unit of weight (=50 grams)) of Tangerine Peels is equal to one ling of gold". In addition, Tangerine Peel can also improve the appetite. Now, let's learn about the magical effect of Tangerine Peel!

Three benefits of Tangerine Peel

1. Relieve cough, and eliminate phlegm

The volatile oil contained in Tangerine Peel can stimulate the passive phlegm elimination. After eating, the sputum can be coughed up easily. Furthermore, it can not only slightly expand the bronchus, but also calm asthma.

2. Improve appetite

The volatile oil contained in Tangerine Peel has a mild stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract, promotes the secretion of digestive juice, and eliminates the pneumatosis in the intestinal canal. It is fragrant, and has a significant effect of invigorating stomach, dispelling wind and descending qi.

3. Reduce blood pressure

It can increase the systolic capacity, and reduce blood pressure and heart rate. The pectin in Tangerine Peel can also prevent arteriosclerosis caused by hyperlipidemia.

In traditional Chinese medicine, there is a saying that "Hundred-year Tangerine Peel, Thousand-year Ginseng". Tangerine Peel has a very high medicinal effect. It can be made into medicated diet with different foods. Its nutritious effect is here to share with you.

Medicated diet prepared with Tangerine Peel

1. Tangerine Peel + lemon

Moisten intestines and relax bowels: constipation is mainly caused by living habits and dry intestines. Often drinking the tea prepared with tangerine peel and lemon can moisten intestines and relax bowels.

Relieve throat discomfort: it's easy to get inflamed, and swollen sore throat in winter, and often drinking the tea prepared with tangerine peel and lemon can prevent throat problems!

2. Tangerine Peel + pear

Relieve cough due to wind-cold evil: Tangerine Peel can nourish yin for moistening dryness, which has a good effect on cough due to wind-cold evil. In addition, pear can not only dispel wind-cold, relieve cough and phlegm, but also can nourish yin and moisten lung, improve dry cough without phlegm.

3. Tangerine Peel + honey

Diminish inflammation and detoxify: the hesperidin contained in Tangerine Peel can regulate the balance of blood glucose and blood lipid, which can play an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying role when drunk with honey.

Skin beauty: tangerine peel water mixed with honey not only contains rich amino acids and other nutrients, but also has a very good moisturizing effect.

4. Tangerine Peel + chrysanthemum buds

Clear liver and improve vision: there are rich carotene and vitamins in chrysanthemum buds, which can not only clear the liver and improve vision, but also improve the liver blood deficiency and eyesight when eaten with tangerine peel.

Improve disease resistance: there are many kinds of amino acids in chrysanthemum buds, which can promote the synthesis of antibodies in human body, enhance the function of autoimmunity and improve the disease resistance.

5. Tangerine Peel + fresh ginger

Relieve cold: when you are easy to fatigue, and the immunity is declined, often drinking a cup of tea prepared with tangerine peel and fresh ginger can not only relieve cough and reduce phlegm, but also prevent the cold.

Perspire and cool down: the gingerol can speed up the blood circulation, expand pores and increase the amount of perspiration. It can dispel the wind-cold in the body as sweat takes away the excessive heat in the body.




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