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Hebei baixiaodan Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. donates drugs for local people's epidemic prevention

baixiaodan原創 2020-02-09

Due to the recent pneumonia infected by 2019-nCoV in many regions of the country, Hebei Baixiaodan Medicine Co., Ltd. organized all employees to actively prevent and control the epidemic situation in accordance with the national, provincial and municipal deployment requirements. The Company guided and publicized that the pneumonia infected by 2019-nCoV could be prevented and controlled, paid high attention to the epidemic situation, raised its vigilance, and carried out the overall prevention and control. Furthermore, the Company actively responded to the call - "send traditional Chinese medicine of thousands of enterprises to every household to fight against the epidemic situation and show love" of the municipal party committee and municipal government of Anguo, and donated drugs to the public in Anguo in time to prevent the pneumonia, making a contribution to Anguo to win the epidemic prevention and control war!


Hebei Baixiaodan Medicine Co., Ltd. urgently prepared traditional Chinese medicine, and carefully selected Lonicera Japonica, Chinese Globeflower Flower, Tangerine Peel, Astragalus Membranaceus, Mulberry Leaf, etc. according to the tea formula for prevention (anti-viral pneumonia tea drink) formulated by experts, benefiting more than 60,000 people. This tea drink is applicable to the isolated people at home for prevention, with a value of RMB 600,000. The Company distributed this tea drink to Qizhou Town, pharmacy offices and other units through the Park Management Committee and then distributed to the public.


Anguo, the "Chinese Medicinal City", has unique pharmaceutical resource advantages. As a pharmaceutical enterprise in Anguo, Hebei Baixiaodan Medicine Co., Ltd. has always been active and courageous in taking responsibility for difficulties, making a contribution to ensure the life, health and safety of the people in Anguo and the stable social situation. The Company firmly believes that, by the Party Central Committee, we will be able to win the epidemic prevention and control war as soon as possible with the strict prevention and control of the governments at all levels and the joint efforts of the people of the country!



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